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: January 07, 2003 : 12:10 p.m. :
: - :

Hey, ya'll. Finally adding a new entry! *spastic happy dance*

Er... right. Anyways, moving on...

Had an interesting CORE class. We were mostly taking notes and talking about our history project (on the different aspects of Islamic culture in the Middle Ages. I picked art for my main topic, and then I'm going to do a huge massive project that'll get me an A. I need the A. It's a huge part of my socials grade. But anyways... Oh, and I need to get the packet signed when I get home from school. Will not forget, will remember if it means attaching a note to my head...), so I was kind of on auto-pilot, making random comments and writing stuff down. The usual. So I got a chance to kind of daydream and think about something other then school and Marneons.

And what should my brain choose to think about but Bradley. Out of a million other topics, it just had to be him. Not Marneons, (my normal daydream topic) not my latest characters, not the book I've just started, but Bradley. T_T. My subconcious is a bitch sometimes...

But anyways. I'm seriously confused now. About more than one thing. I honestly have no clue what is going on between us. One minute I think we're friends, the next I think he shares Toni's opinion of me and thinks I act like a silly twelve year old, and then the next he's flirting with me. And so I get confused. Mrg.

Anyways... I should probably go. The bell's going to ring soon... silly 30 minute lunch periods...


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